Vhi Flight Delay Lounge Access

As a Vhi MultiTrip or Vhi International customer you can relax and enjoy complimentary airport lounge access if your flight is delayed. Vhi Flight Delay Lounge Access gives you access to over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, refreshments while you relax in the quiet and comfortable surroundings of the lounge.


Airport lounge access

You and your guests can enjoy a quiet and comfortable place to relax, whether you are travelling for business or leisure. Most lounges provide:

  • Complimentary snacks and refreshments
  • Free newspapers and magazines
  • Free Wi-Fi and device charging stations
  • Conference and business facilities


How it works

  • Make sure to register your flight at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time
  • If your trip includes multiple flights, you'll need to register each flight leg separately
  • You can register yourself and your additional passengers who are named on your travel insurance policy – please ensure the names match exactly those on the flight booking
  • You'll need a mobile device that can receive SMS text messages and PDF email attachments so we can send you your free lounge access barcode
  • Once your flight is registered, we will automatically notify you if your flight is delayed by 60 minutes or more

*A flight is defined as a single scheduled airline flight under a single flight number.

**Delay must be officially announced by the airline as outlined and reported to our flight status data service provider